Kui Bo To choir was created in april 2002 in the Maison de Quartier des Dervallières in Nantes and actually gathers choristers from some choirs of the urban area of Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. The special feature of Kui Bo To project consists in a repertoire exclusively dedicated to languages of the African and Creole cultures.

African songs especially belong to a tradition essentially oral. In the lyrics, the word is playful, anecdotal, didactic. Thus, lullabies, daily life scenes and philosophical tales mix with each other in an environment as free as speech.

These mixed three or four-voice chorus are often accompanied with drums rhythms. The choristers undertake a rhythmic training making them able to take part in the percussion interludes and to be more comfortable with their gestures during the concerts.

A choir accompanied with drums is certainly unusual. But it can lead to listen differently and surely to enhance the sensory estate of any chorister.

The Kui Bo To association’s objective is to develop the discovery of the African music cultures, French islands and elsewhere through the song and instrument practice, educational research, unknown song collection, artistic and musical equipment North/South exchange, realisation and production of song and music sound recordings. These various practices will lead to concerts, training courses, conferences and activities in the direction of all. (art. 2. Status Kui Bo To).